Daron Larson helps people feel more at home in their lives by encouraging them to habitually notice ordinary experiences in liberating ways.

Mindful Awareness Coach

Daron teaches mindfulness practice as attention training, using the challenges and benefits of physical fitness to help navigate similar aspects of developing attentional skills. Attentional Fitness Training is a natural,  mindfulness-inspired, science-backed addition to the strategies currently available for healthier living. 

Freelance Contemplative

Daron has been practicing mindfulness daily to disrupt his own default narrative mode since his first silent meditation retreat in October 2002. He demystifies contemplative concepts, customizes mindfulness exercises, and develops practical programs to target attention-related challenges and interests.

He is more interested in the core humanity we all share than in what distinguishes us from each other. Shinzen Young's approach to contemplative practice has been a significant influence in this regard, making it possible to detect wisdom from unexpected sources and to impact suffering regardless of beliefs and ideologies. Enjoys collaborating to design contemplative, dogma-free celebrations and ceremonies.

Daron has also participated as an adept meditator — meditating in fMRI scanners — for neuroscience research studies conducted at Harvard Medical School and The University of Vermont College of Medicine.

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